A bit of a sci-fi level started. Not sure how/where I will take this one. Most of the hall is set, just needs to be painted if I don't end up changing my mind on how it looks architecturally speaking. Also the lighting on everything needs another pass. There's a few issue's I've noticed while taking these screenshots. The room is pretty much all proxy at this stage. I threw on some of my base/repeatable textures to get a feel for things right now. I'm not sure if I want to keep the room clean or destroy it some how.

Additional Painting

A little more painting on the hammerburst. I've been a bit distracted lately to really get any of my personal work done. There has been some jumping around on what I'm actually working on. I've started a bit of a sci-fi level within unreal, continued work on my viper, as well as working for Raven Software.