A few crashes and corrupted files later and here I have my Colonial Viper Mark 2 Proxy.


Hammerburst 2 Low Poly

Here is my low poly of my Hammerburst 2. This image is taken from within the Unreal 3 Engine. Concept copyright Epic Games.



Here is my version of the Hammerburst 2 from Gears of War. (Concept copyright Epic Games)


Small Update

I've been moving rather slow on this particular piece. There's too many distraction around me right now. I reworked a few plates so they're actual plates instead of being carved in. I also added some of the finer noodley details. I might end up adding more of that, but I'm not sure how much I want to add before it looks like fluff for the sake of fluff. I have a low poly strap set added to the back and handle. I want to mess with it a little bit before I solidify that particular detail. Right now it looks exactly what it is, thrown on.


Hammerburst First Pass

I've got my first high pass done so far. I think I'll end up redoing a few sections. I'll do another pass then move on into the smaller details such as nuts/blots.



I'm working on the Gears of War HammerBurst. I've roughed in the basic idea so far. There's lots to be done, but here's a start.

High Poly Pillar

So this was my first project using Z-Brush. I'm still a lush for Z-Brush, but I think I have the basic idea of how to use the program. I haven't found stencils yet. My idea, on this mesh, was do do all of the fine detail within photoshop.


It has come to my attention that I have not updated in a while. I have replaced all engine materials with my own. I still have a long ways to go, but it's starting to move along. Textures/colors will probably change as I progress to have them match better. For now they're working to a certain extent. I'm semi-new to foliage in general. My past experience has been editing pre-existing trees etc. but I believe I'm catching what needs to be done.



I think I've got things set about how I want them now. Very soon I will be starting in actually creating the assets. The more I got into it the more I thought about locations for the camera for the images below. The only proxies that I haven't created yet are trees. But I figure I'll create them as I go and see how much of a variety I want.

Again, I will note that all visible textures are being borrowed from the Unreal Engine.


New Environment

So far I haven't left the proxy/concept stage of things. Everything is subject to change. :p I'm open to constructive suggestions and comments.

All textures within the following images are being borrowed from the Unreal Engine. In the final piece I will have created all visible textures.