Small Update

I've been moving rather slow on this particular piece. There's too many distraction around me right now. I reworked a few plates so they're actual plates instead of being carved in. I also added some of the finer noodley details. I might end up adding more of that, but I'm not sure how much I want to add before it looks like fluff for the sake of fluff. I have a low poly strap set added to the back and handle. I want to mess with it a little bit before I solidify that particular detail. Right now it looks exactly what it is, thrown on.


Hammerburst First Pass

I've got my first high pass done so far. I think I'll end up redoing a few sections. I'll do another pass then move on into the smaller details such as nuts/blots.



I'm working on the Gears of War HammerBurst. I've roughed in the basic idea so far. There's lots to be done, but here's a start.